Mirka Abranet Deco Sander Package 70x198mm


The Mirka Abranet Deco Sander Package helps sanding become faster, more
effective, easier and more importantly dust-free!

The secret lies in Mirka’s unique sanding material, Abranet together with a
telescopic sanding tool attached to a vacuum cleaner. With the Deco Sander you
will get an excellent sanding result. In addition, the work is faster because
sanding is easier and no time spent on protecting the surroundings from dust.

Antistatic Telescopic tube with sanding tool: The sanding tool is fastened to
the telescopic tube with a joint that can be bent in all directions towards the
surface. The tube can be extended up to 2.3 metres. The sanding tool sucks
towards the surface when sanding – no hard pressure is needed. The telescopic
tube and the sanding tool are included in the Deco Sander package.

Antistatic hose 25.4/32mm x 4m: With the flexible hose it is also easy to work
on a large area. The hose is antistatic in order to eliminate sparks. The hose
is included in the Deco Sander package.

Deco Sander Adapter: The adapter enables you to connect the Deco Sander to
almost all industrial vacuum cleaners, diameter 30-47 mm.

The adapter is included in the Deco Sander package, but can also be purchased

Abranet Sanding Strips: Abranet sanding strips make sanding with a Deco Sander
easy and dust-free. The dust is continuously being sucked away from the sanding
strip through the thousands of extremely small holes into the tube and the
vacuum cleaner. Abranet sanding strips in size 70x198mm, grit 120 are included
in the Deco Sander package.

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