Heavy Duty 150mm Discs


Mirka Abranet HD – Heavy Duty 150mm Discs

As you would expect from the worlds leading abrasive manufacturer which brought you Abranet; Mirka Abranet HD is not your average sanding disc!

Mirka Abranet HD uses a unique nylon mesh backing with additional holes, to produce a flexible and very durable abrasive disc capable of removing maximum stock whilst maintaining its Abranet sanding performance. Resulting in a more consistent surface finish, excellent disc life and resistance to clogging.

  • Incredible durability – Even in the toughest conditions its performance is maintained for longer with exceptional edge wear resistance
  • Patented unique abrasive technology resists clogging and delivers for longer
  • Mirka Abranet HD is designed for maximum performance when sanding with or without dust extraction
  • The unique Mirka Abranet HD mesh design provides a cooler working surface by more effectively dissipating heat
  • Ideal for use in extreme heavy duty applications such as aerospace, marine, automotive and woodworking.

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