Mirka Tools & Abrasives

Advantages of Mirka Abrasives:

  • Multifunctional product used both within the automotive and wood industries as well as on composite materials.
  • Durable and long-lasting design makes each disc last much longer than a competitor’s product, so while cost per disc may be higher the disc will last much longer.
  • Dust Free Sanding for a safer workplace.
  • Uniform sanding pattern that gives a perfectly smooth surface.

Mirka Abrasive Discs & Belts

Mirka sanding discs and sanding belts are available in a range of grits and sizes.

Dust-free sanding with Mirka Abranet sanding discs will suit many professional smart repair and paint shops. For wet and dry sanding, the flexible Mirka Abralon discs give a professional finish, particularly in the wood finishing and marine industries.

 For the automotive industry, Mirka Autonet discs are designed for new paint technology. Popular for high-speed sanding, the Mirka Gold Discs are a good all-round choice. Mirka discs are the best choice to use with the Mirka range of orbital sanders such as the Mirka CEROS range.

Abranet® is a revolutionary abrasive material offering dust free sanding with no clogging. The open mesh design features thousands of tiny holes which will make sure that when used with suitable extraction the passage of dust will be incredibly efficient. Because Abranet® abrasive keeps the surface that you are sanding dust free, this results in a very uniform scratch pattern leaving an ultra smooth finish.

It is incredibly durable and will last twice as long as many conventional abrasives making it very cost effective. These Velcro backed discs are suitable for a wide range of materials including the decorating, woodworking and automotive industries.